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Nitrile Rubber Oil Seals
Nitrile Rotary Shaft Seals
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Viton Rubber Oil Seals, Higher Temperature Resistance and Wider Chemical Tolerance, See Resistance Chart for Exact Detail
Viton Rotary Shaft Seals
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Fork Oil Seals for Motorbikes etc ...
Fork Oils Seals
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SKF Seals (formerly Chicago Rawhide Seals)
SKF / Chicago Rawhide Seals
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Polyurethane Elastomer Sealing Rings
INA Polyurethane Shaft Seals
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Nitrile Rubber Sealing Rings
INA Nitrile Seals
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End Cap Seals Typically Used As Blanking Plugs in Gearboxes etc...
Nitrile End Cap Seals
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All Oil Seals

At Simply Bearings, we've assembled a truly comprehensive selection of seals and O rings for almost any application imaginable, including hydrocarbon-resistant seals for rotary shafts, specially designed seals for motorbike forks, and seals with specific chemical and temperature resistances to stand up to harsh industrial environments.

Our rotary shaft oil seals are used to ensure smooth operation of plant, vehicles and machinery, and are available in a number of materials including Viton and Nitrile rubber. These V ring seals are fitted onto the shaft and rotate in motion with it. They function to prevent ingress of dirt, debris and moisture, while equally guarding against egress of lubricant, both of which could damage the machinery and lead to a loss of efficiency.

The choice of Viton and Nitrile rubbers depends on the specific application, affecting the seal's resistance to operating temperatures and chemical exposure. Viton oil seals are generally regarded as more durable and exhibit greater resistance to higher temperatures and chemicals such as fats, petrol, diesel and salt. Nitrile seals are highly resistant to hydrocarbons and acids and are commonly used in rail, marine and automotive applications, as well as mining and pumping machinery.

Each seal has its own chemical resistance rating. To ensure that you find the right part for the job, simply click 'Chemical Resistance Table' to be presented with a searchable database that'll inform you how the seal will stand up to specific chemicals. We stock Nitrile and Viton seals from globally reputable brands such as INA and SKF, ensuring the highest levels of quality with every seal you buy.

Our motorcycle fork seal O rings work on a similar principle. Mechanisms such as motorbike fork legs demand a seal that permits free axial motion of the damper mechanism, whilst preventing the loss of lubricant or ingress of dirt, debris and other contaminants. Our fork oil seals are fabricated from high quality Nitrile rubber by renowned manufacturers such as SKF and NBR. As such, they are appropriate for use on motorcycle forks, shock absorbers, agricultural machinery and more.

Alternatively, we also offer a range of polyurethane seals from producers including INA and FAG. Typically used on roller needle bearings, these oil seals allow for rotary shaft speeds of up to 10mps, and as such commonly see use in pumps, electric motors, agricultural equipment and marine plant.

All of our seals and O rings come in a wide variety of different sizes. Simply specify the dimensions you require and our website will do the work. All are covered by our no-quibbles return policy, so you can buy with total peace of mind and confidence.