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304 Stainless Steel Jubilee and JCS Brand O Clips

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304 Stainless Steel Jubilee O Clips

Jubilee products are famous for their practicality and quality. 304 Stainless Steel Jubilee O Clips are extremely useful in a range of different applications, and we have a great selection to fit many different sizes of hoses.

These clips are made of stainless steel and come in packs of two. They have two ears for use with crimping pincers to fit them tightly around a hose. The clips go by a number of different names such as two-ear clips, lemon clips and double-ear clips.

The smallest size has a width of 5mm, which is extremely useful on very small hoses because no screws are involved. This makes them suitable for airlines and hoses carrying fluid, steam or gas. The adjustment range for the smallest clips is 3 to 5mm. Next size up is a width of 6mm and adjustment range of 5 to 7mm. Then there is a band width of 7mm available with adjustment ranges of 7 to 9mm, 9 to 11mm and 11 to 13mm.

The next width is 7.5mm, and this is available in adjustment ranges of 13 to 15mm. We also stock 8mm /15 to 18mm adjustment ranges; 8.5mm/17 to 20mm; 9mm/20 to 23mm; 10mm/20 to 25mm.

You may also need steel Jubilee side-closing crimping pincers, which are ideal for these clips. If you check in the technical details for each product listing, you'll see the PSI (pounds per square inch) that each of the clips can take as its maximum pressure. The smallest ones come in at 200 PSI, but some of the larger ones are 180 PSI.

While zinc-plated clips tend to be cheaper, these 304 stainless steel jubilee O clips are better for outside applications or where the hose needs to be buried below ground.

If you find that you have ordered the wrong type or size, you can always return them if they have not been used within the 90-day return period. We don't quibble over returns and will always try to help you out with a more suitable order or alternatively credit your account.

As the O rings come in packs of two, you may find it convenient to order several and take advantage of our generous discounts. And remember that our UK delivery is free and very fast, and if you need guaranteed next day or same-day delivery, we offer that too. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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