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4 Bolt Cast Iron Round Housings

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4 Bolt Round Cast Iron Housings

With over 200 products in stock, you should find it easy to locate the exact 4 bolt round cast iron housing units you need for your application. These units are for heavy duty applications and some, such as the SKF housings, perform exceptionally well in challenging environments. They are used in agriculture, in manufacturing processing, packing and conveyor processes, in industrial machinery and in special applications such as gym equipment.

Pressed Steel or Cast Iron?

These 4 bolt round cast iron housing units have an equivalent made of pressed steel. So which is the right one for your application? Which you decide to use will depend on what you intend to use it for. Cast iron is stronger, and is suitable for more demanding applications. However the housings themselves are heavier. Cast iron is a better choice where higher rpm speeds and heavier loads are involved.

Pressed steel is lighter, but not as strong in use. However because of their lightness, pressed steel housings are very easy to install. Use pressed steel for light to medium loads and for lower rpm speeds.


We stock an excellent selection of products from SKF, RHP and EU Budget brands.

SKF's Y-bearings units are supplied ready for mounting. They have a premium sealing system which gives robust protection against contamination and moisture. In addition, it provides excellent retention of lubricant. SKF pride themselves on the long life of their bearings and housings, and claim much reduced maintenance time and cost when their units are used.

The SKF 4 Bolt Round Cast Iron Housings are suitable for applications where there are high speeds, high temperatures, relatively heavy loads or high contamination levels. The units have a round flange with four holes for attachment bolts, and are tightened against the shaft with a grub screw.

The RHP 4 Bolt Round Cast Iron housings come with a full width insert ready fitted, with two grub screws for fitting tightly against the shaft. Replacement inserts are available; the supplied insert is easily removable. Like the SKF products, they are easy to re-lubricate.

The EU budget line offers quality bearings that are great value for cost-effective installations.

The inside diameter measurements available are 12 mm to 101.6 mm, or in Imperial, 1/2" to 4".

If you'd like to talk over the best bearing housing for your specific requirement, give us a call. Our phone team love to help and are highly knowledgeable. And don't worry about ordering the wrong item - you have a full 90 days to return the product to us and claim a refund, so you can order in confidence.


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