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5M HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

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5M HTD Timing Belt Pulleys

Timing belt pulleys are specially designed pulley systems that have radiused teeth around outside diameter of the pulley. Belt tension pulls the teeth firmly into the matching radii of the belt and pulley and provides us with the ability to transmit significant amounts of power and torque

Timing belt pulleys are commonly used in power transmission systems where indexing is required between the driver and driven pulleys. They require no lubrication and once fitted little to no maintenance is needed. They are more reliable and much quieter than chains or gears in these types of applications and are best suited where they are dry and debris free..

Here at Simply Bearings, we sell a range of pulleys, including 5mm HTD Pulleys. These can be used together with HTD belts in order to transmit power, increase or decrease speed and torque and maintain timing between axes. These are available in a wide range of variations, including different pitches, widths, and the number of teeth. They are available in both taper and pilot bore, and are made from Aluminium 6082, C45 Steel, or Cast Iron EN-GJL-200.

In terms of getting your items, we offer a number of different options. Free UK is available on orders over £, if you are not in the UK, we offer low-cost international delivery via FedEx from as little as £.30. Or, if you are nearby, you can collect from our premises in Leigh.


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