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ANSI Duplex Outer Link To Be Riveted

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ANSI Duplex Outer Link To Be Riveted

At Simply Bearings we have a variety of duplex roller chain links in stock, including both British and American standard products. Our American Standard items, such as the ANSI duplex outer links to be riveted, ANSI duplex connecting links with spring clips and ANSI duplex inner links are all guaranteed to comply with the relevant criteria and provide you with a high quality and reliable product that is compatible with a wide range of machinery and systems.

We provide both pre-riveted links, as well as those that have been left open to be riveted as necessary. These include the ANSI duplex outer links to be riveted, which you can order in a number of chain pitches. You can quickly and easily find the exact size specifications for your requirements by using the drop down search boxes at the top of the category page.

The ANSI duplex outer links to be riveted are ideal for use with many types and sizes of chain, particularly where it's necessary to have a high level of security. This type of link comes with the bearing rings already riveted into an outer plate. The ends of the bearing pins can then be riveted over once the second outer plate has been fitted into position. This provides a secure fit and enables the link to be positioned exactly where it is required.

All of the duplex roller chain links available through Simply Bearings are manufactured to an extremely high standard, so you can rest assured that they are fit for purpose and will last. We only use well established and reputable suppliers, to ensure there is consistency across our stock.

At Simply Bearings we also understand the importance of cost effectiveness without impacting on quality and we aim to provide all our customers with great value for money. Those purchasing individual items in bulk, including the ANSI duplex outer links to be riveted, can benefit from even lower prices, with decreasing price breaks according to the quantity you purchase.

There is no need to worry about excessive delivery charges either, as all of our customers can take advantage of free delivery on all orders, without any minimum requirements. If you need your items quickly we recommend using our next day or Saturday delivery options for a small additional cost.

Our experienced customer service team are on hand to assist you with your order and to answer any questions you may have. They can be contacted by telephone, fax or email if you need support.


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