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ANSI Simplex Double Cranked Links

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ANSI Simplex Double Cranked Links

ANSI simplex double cranked cottered links are used for chains in a multitude of engineering environments where transmission chains are required, including conveyor belts and other applications.

They are also used across a wide range of industries, from food processing such as bottling and canning to packaging and heavy industry such as refining.

Types, Brands and Sizes

There are double cranked links for the majority of chain types and sizes - for example, the Renolds Blue Box high-quality ANSI simplex double cranked links. These consist of a No. 4 inner link, with cranked links which are permanently kept in position by means of a riveted bearing pin. We stock a number of different Blue Box sizes and also have a selection from the Synergy range.

The Renolds links range in pitch size from 9.53mm or 3/8 up to 19.05mm or 3/4. The pitch is measured as the distance from one pin's centre to the centre of the next one.

We also stock similarly high-quality Sedis products, such as the Sedis Alpha ANSI Simplex Double Cranked Links. The double cranked link is used with a chain that has an odd number of pitches. It is made up of a cranked link and an inner link which are held together by a riveted pin.

The Sedis Double Cranked Links are used to extend chains with an odd number of pitches. They are composed of an inner link and a cranked link held together by a riveted pin. The Sedis links range in pitch size from 12.7mm or 1/2 up to 19.05mm or 3/4.

ANSI/AS standard

There are two types of standard for connecting links. One is the BS standard, which is also compatible with European standards. The other is American standard - ANSI - which these links comply with. Note that there are also a number of different types of simplex and duplex connecting link that can be used with roller chains.

Simply Bearings has a very large and diverse stock, so you may find it useful to give us a quick ring to check that you are ordering the most suitable type, size and standard for your application. Our phone-line staff are both knowledgeable and helpful and will give sound advice on which product to go for.

However, even if you discover that you have ordered the wrong part, you have the reassurance of our no-quibble returns policy for your peace of mind.


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