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B Section Muscle V-Belts - 17x11mm

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B Section Muscle V-Belts - 17x11mm

V belts are used to transfer power - or torque - between pulleys. These wedge-shaped belts operate by using the friction between the belt and the pulley. The wedge (or V) makes the belt sit in the mating groove in the pulley, which increases friction and torque capacity while ensuring that the belt does not slip off in operation.

V belts have become the standard belt for power transmission applications due to their extended service life, good traction, speed and bearings loading. They are widely used in pumps, motors, garden equipment, and many other industrial applications.

There are five types of V belt: A, B, C, D and E. The different types indicate different size profiles; for example, the B section muscle V belts have a width of 17mm and a depth of 11mm.

Muscle V-belts

Muscle V-belts are heavy-duty versions of these drive belts. Their dimensions are the same as the standard V belts but these PIX versions are designed to handle a higher power rating. They have greater tensile strength, which means they resist breaking and stretching. They use cushioned rubber and very strong polyester cording to increase robustness; in fact, PIX says that the new compound used in the production of the belt offers a step-change in performance, especially if the belt is going to be exposed to chemicals, ozone or sunlight.

The new belt material will not slip or elongate; therefore, it loses minimal energy and gives exceptional operating performance - up to 35 per cent more power than comparable products. Static build-up is within ISO 1813 compliance for anti-static operation. The belt is very flexible, maintenance free, and can be made to 'reverse bend' if used in drives with back idlers.

Greener option

The production process for these PIX B section muscle V belts no longer includes any chemicals that would be restricted under US regulations. Although they are designed to operate at high power, they do not emit any toxic chemicals when in use. The belts can operate at a wide temperature tolerance - from -25°C to +120°C.


The B section is the standard 17mm by 11mm. The PIX B belt comes in a variety of sizes and the easiest way to find the size you need is to look up the belt number using the drop-down list. The number next to the B is the inside length of the belt in inches. The product detail will show mm equivalents, the belt's inside and outside length, and the overall belt length.

If you need more information, just give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call. Our staff will be happy to advise, while our no-quibble returns policy provides further back-up for your purchase.


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