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BS Simplex Inner Links

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BS Simplex Inner Links

Choose from our catalogue of high-quality BS simplex inner links and find out about the exceptional selection of products on offer right here at Simply Bearings.

These inner links are built to European standards and are compatible with most chain types, so you just need to make sure that you select the correct pitch for the chain you are repairing to get your hands on a suitable part.

The BS simplex inner links we offer are made up of a pair of inner plates which are connected by the bushes that are designed to bear the rollers, with mainstream brands such as Renold represented on our site. These inner links are ideal if you need to fix an existing chain or if you are setting out to build a chain from scratch with custom specifications for a particular application.

These are inner links, so they will need to be paired with outer links at either end to form a complete chain. The top-quality materials used in their construction will ensure that the links we sell at Simply Bearings can endure standard use over long periods without being damaged by wear and tear, making them a good investment in the long term.

Every UK customer who places an order on our site is eligible to receive free standard-class delivery. This offer applies to people who buy a single chain inner link as well as to those who add many more products to their basket before completing a purchase.

Faster deliveries are available thanks to our affordable express shipping packages for those based in Britain. And we also have low-cost international delivery on offer so that our global customers are not put at a disadvantage.

You can view prices for our BS simplex inner links and other products on the site in several different currencies, not just GBP. Prices are shown excluding VAT to make calculations more convenient for business buyers, although we also cater to individuals who want parts for their own home projects.

You will often find that the more inner links you buy, the lower the total per-unit price at the checkout. This means that buying in bulk is the most affordable option, although it is far from a necessity if you have a small-scale need for spares. So check out Simply Bearings and see why we continue to win over customers from around the world each day.


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