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BS British Standard

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BS British Standard Triplex Connecting Links

These BS (British Standard) links are for joining triplex roller chains. There are a number of different types of triplex connecting links, including cottered, single- and double-cranked, both single-cranked and cottered, links with spring clips or self-locking nuts and links which have to be riveted.

With such a selection, you may need assistance in identifying the correct link. If so, give our telephone team a call - they'll be able to find the correct BS British standard triplex connecting links for your application, and you'll find them knowledgeable and helpful.

Cranked and Cottered Links

These triplex single-cranked cottered links cranked plates and a single link. The Sedis Alpha range is a premium offering from Sedis, and these cranked cottered connections can be used to secure chains with an odd number of links and have removable pins.

Triplex cottered links generally have their two connecting pins secured by riveting into the outer plate. You can also purchase a double-cranked link for a triplex chain. The double-cranking is achieved by means of an inside link, permanently connected to the cranked links with a riveted bearing pin. The Sedis double-crank link is used to join a triplex chain with an uneven number of pitches.

We stock cranked and cottered links from the leading brands and carry a selection of their ranges.

Links with Spring Clips and Self-Locking Nuts BS British standard triplex connecting links with self-locking nuts use two threaded pins that are riveted on to a plate at one end. At the other end, they go into a connection plate which is held in place by the self-locking nuts. Note that the triplex chain connecting link with the spring clip is for use only with short chains.

Riveted Outer Links

Sometimes, for reasons of safety or security, you need a connecting link that is riveted. These links come with bearing pins riveted on to one of the outer plates. The other plate is an interference fit on to the bearing pins. Once the plate is fitted, the ends of the bearing pins are riveted over. Note that when these press-fit links are dismantled they shouldn't be reused - new ones should be fitted.

With all of these triplex links, we have a superb selection of brands, types and sizes, and our delivery is fast and reliable, with special same-day and guaranteed delivery arrangements if you have an urgent requirement.


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