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BS European Standard Duplex Chains

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BS European Standard Duplex Chains

Duplex chains will last longer and perform more strongly than simplex chains in applications that call for greater durability and strength. Duplex chains have two rows of plates aligned with each other, with pins and roller bearings between them. They're found in many agricultural, forestry, fishing, manufacturing and automotive applications and in all kinds of equipment - anywhere that smooth power transmission is needed.

Renold boast that their roller chains are the best in the world. They've been making them for over a hundred years. In fact, the original Renold claimed to have invented them.

Their precision steel roller chain is a versatile and effective way of transmitting power in mechanical applications. This chain has virtually superseded the other types of chain previously used in industry. The chain is made up of a series of journal bearings. (The journal is the freely rotating metal shaft inside the sleeve.) These bearings are maintained in a precise relationship with each other by link plates that act as constraints. To allow for articulation in high-pressure environments, both the bush case and the bearing pin are case hardened. This also allows them to contend with the gearing action and load passed on via the chain rollers.

Renold Blue Box and Synergy

The Blue Box chain is Renold's premier offering in terms of wear - it's designed to ensure that the contact between bush and pins is controlled to ensure maximum life and minimum fatigue. They have a reputation for delivering four times the lifespan of most other chains and are ultra-reliable. These chains need less adjustment during commissioning. They're available in various pitches and a range of metric and imperial lengths.

Where high performance matters, take a look at the Renold Synergy chains. Renold are supremely confident that in normal working conditions this chain will last three times longer than a non-Renold chain while providing increased productivity, reliability and performance.

Sedis Alpha BS European Standard Duplex Chains These chains also offer superb resistance to fatigue, wear and breaking. The Sedis chains come pre-tensioned at 30-45% of the breaking load. All chains are pre-lubricated at the plant before dispatch, but Sedis are using a new wax for high performance and enhanced anti-wear to lubricate chains 08B-16B. This enables the chains to operate in a wide temperature range - from minus 30 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius.

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