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BS Simplex Outer Link To Be Riveted

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BS Simplex Outer Link To Be Riveted

At Simply Bearings we supply a range of BS simplex outer link to be riveted components in a wide assortment of chain pitches to suit any installation. These connecting links are ideal for use where optimum security is required, allowing you to press fit connecting links and then rivet the outer plate in place once the plate is securely and properly fitted. These links are used in industrial applications as diverse as bottling, fruit washing, tyre manufacture and timber processing, making them extremely versatile and highly efficient wherever and however they're used.

Our BS simplex outer link to be riveted components are supplied by Renold, the oldest established transmission chain company in the world and the company that created the bush roller chain first used in bicycles and then for a huge range of applications. The chain that drives Big Ben was supplied by the Renolds company, and the use of high-quality Renolds chains is widespread in professional bike and motorcycle racing. The advantage of using individual links rather than repairing an entire chain lies in the fact that there is no need to dismantle installed drive components, and repairs can be effected quickly and simply. However, new links must always be used to replace links that have been dismantled.

In fact, the Renold precision steel roller chain has superseded all other types of chain for mechanical applications thanks to its versatility and mechanical efficiency. Chains are classified according to their pitch, which is the distance between the centre of the bearing pins. These BS simplex outer link to be riveted components are supplied as standard duty, blue box and synergy chain quality, with synergy chain offering exceptional wear resistance to reduce downtime and boost productivity, thus cutting costs. As with all Simply Bearing components, they're available for same-day or next-day delivery across the UK. Need international delivery? Then our smart cart will calculate our low rates for you.

At Simply Bearings we believe the customer is king, which is why we offer our 90-day quibble-free money-back guarantee. If the product we supply doesn't meet your needs, whatever the reason, we'll be happy to give you your money back, with no questions asked. Simply return the item to us in its original packaging for a 100% refund.

We stock literally millions of bearings in our warehouse, and we're confident we can supply whatever you need, whether it's one bearing or a thousand. Our friendly, knowledgeable and expert team are on hand, so give us a ring on 01942 269 837 and we'll be happy to help.


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