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BS Triplex Single Cranked Cottered Links

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BS Triplex Single Cranked Cottered Links

British standard triplex single cranked cottered links are used in roller chains, where the cylindrical rollers are kept together by the links at each side. The roller chains are sprocket-driven, and they provide a simple but efficient power transmission configuration.

Roller chains come in three weights. Simplex chains are used for lighter applications where high speeds aren't needed, duplex where higher performance is needed, and triplex for situations that require a robust chain that still provides smooth drive operation. You'll find triplex chains in a wide range of agricultural and industrial machinery, such as conveyor belts and printing presses, and in motor vehicles such as motorbikes.

BS triplex single cranked cottered links are used to join triplex transmission chains together, repair or lengthen them. Cranked links are used where the pitches on the chain are an odd number.

Sizes and Types

All our links are from high quality manufacturers - Sedis, Renold and Dunlop.

The Sedis Alpha products are presented as their premium range for links and chains. The links have removable pins (you'll find a clear illustration showing the pin positioning next to each product). The links are available in a range of pitch sizes from 9.53 mm / 3/8 to 38.1 mm / 1 1/2.

Renolds have always claimed that the roller chain was invented by them, and they continue to be market leaders for quality chains and links. Their British standard triplex single cranked cottered links consist of a single link which has cranked plates. There is a bush and roller assembly where the link narrows and a clearance fit connecting pin at the wide end of the link. This is secured by means of a split pin.

The Renold links are available in pitch sizes from 9.53 mm / 3/8 up to 50.8 mm / 2.

BS / European Classification

When you read a product title that says BS triplex single cranked cottered links, it means, as you might guess, that these are British Standard products as opposed to ANSI, the standard for American products. However, the British Standard complies with the European standard, so you'll also see products described as BS European - in this case both standards are the same.

No quibble refunds, and fast, free delivery in the UK

We can help out with any queries you have and our telephone staff are both helpful and knowledgeable. In any case, you don't have to worry because the Simply Bearings no-quibble refund policy provides peace of mind. If you have a chain that needs urgent work, we can arrange next day or same day delivery. Our standard delivery is free in the UK, and extremely fast and reliable.


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