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  • 08D08 Wrapped Steel Plain Bearing Bush 1/2x19/32x1/2 inch
08D08 Wrapped Steel Plain Bearing Bush 1/2x19/32x1/2 inch
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08D08 Wrapped Steel Plain Bearing Bush 1/2x19/32x1/2 inch

Equivalent to: PAPZ0808P10

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Plain Bearings: Constructed of 3 layers these maintenance free bushes offer a low cost low friction solution. Comprising of a steel backing, a bronze layer and a 0.2 - 0.35mm thick layer of Polytetra-Fluroethylene PTFE. During manufacture the pores of the bronze layer are completely filled with the PTFE material, additionally a layer up to 0.03mm is added over the top of it. The PTFE material is applied to the inside only, the outer surface, ends and the split rolled joint are protected against corrosion with a layer of tin. These bushes have very high compressive strength and provide good thermal conductivity. This bush style is often referred to as a Permaglide bush

Low cost, high thermal conductivity, oil free, maintenance free, good corrosion resistance

Brand / Quality: Simply Wrapped Steel Bushes - High Quality
Inside Diameter: 12.70mm = 1/2 inch
Outside Diameter: 15.08mm = 19/32 inch
Width: 12.70mm = 1/2 inch
1/2 inch
19/32 inch
1/2 inch
Steel support strip S.A.E 1010. Sintered bronze layer. PTFE and lead combination
Maximum static load
250 N/mm2
Maximum dynamic load
140 N/mm2
Maximum sliding speed
2.5m/s dry 5.0m/s with oil
Operating temperature
-200° C to +280° C
Thermal conductivity
46 W/mk
Coefficient of friction (dry)
0.02 to 0.20
Coefficient of friction (oil lubricated)
0.02 to 0.15
Recommended housing tolerance
4.5mm/5.5mm H6
7.0mm/305mm H7
Recommended shaft tolerance
3.0mm/4.0mm h6
5.0mm/75mm f7
80mm/300mm h8
Recommended shaft finish
Ra ≤ 0.4um (N5)
Recommended shaft hardness
HB > 200
Plain Bronze Backed Glacier Type Du Bush

  • Byron Dean, United Kingdom 08/08/2018

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Thank you for a top class service

  • Pablo Donte, United Kingdom 28/03/2017

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Great Service

  • Ian Bolland, United kingdom 15/09/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Excellent value for money bearing at one third of OEM spare price.

  • Trevor Smith, United kingdom 16/05/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Accurate description, good price, fast delivery, excellent service!

  • Colt Mccallum, United Kingdom 06/05/2015

    5 of 5 Stars!
    Very good technical advice on this website found this really helpful arrived next day that is what I call service great quality and price will be recommending Simply Bearings to other business Thank you

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08D08 Wrapped Steel Plain Bearing Bush 1/2x19/32x1/2 inch

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