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Bike Tools

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Bike Tools

At Simply Bearings we have a fantastic range of bike tools in stock, enabling you to carry out a whole host of repairs quickly and efficiently. These include general workshop tools, spanners, race facing and setting tools, wheel and spoke tools and chain tools. They are all manufactured to an extremely high standard, so you can rest assured that you're purchasing a quality product that will last and is fit for the intended purpose.

Our stock of general workshop tools includes a number of pieces of equipment that can be used for different applications, as well as being useful for bike repairs. You will find an extensive range of Philips and flat blade screwdrivers, spanners, Allen keys, hex key socket heads, pliers, hammers and files in a variety of sizes, so you'll always have the necessary tools to carry out essential services and repairs on your bike.

As well as these general tools, at Simply Bearings we also stock a selection of specialist bike tools which can be used to carry out repairs on specific areas of your bicycle. This includes a number of bicycle chain tools that will assist you in caring for and repairing all models of bikes. We supply ring bolt tools, which are used to hold the rear of a chain ring bolt; chain wear indicators, so you can check the wear of your chain; and ring and rotor straighteners for fixing rotors and chain rings that have become bent.

Our great value bike tools also include wheel and spoke tools to give you easy access to certain areas of your bike so that you can carry out services and repairs. For example, the steel spoke ruler makes measuring ball bearings and spokes easy, and the wheel truing stand is perfect for keeping a wheel in place, with serrations for improved grip.

Whatever sort of bicycle tools you require, whether its bicycle chain tools or pedal tools, at Simply Bearings we can assist you in ordering the precise item you require. It's quick and easy to order bike tools through the website, or you can also phone our customer service team during office hours if you prefer.

All of our products are available with our free delivery service, so you can get high-quality parts delivered directly to you without having to pay extra.


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