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Black and Decker

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Black & Decker Lawn Mower Parts

Innovation and reliability have made the Black & Decker brand a household name. It was founded in Baltimore in 1910 and has been part of the Stanley Black & Decker group since 2010. The roots of Stanley go back even further to 1843.

Black & Decker has always been innovative. Its rapid success was guaranteed with the patent of an electric pistol grip drill in 1917, which is still a design classic today. More recently, it has won awards for multi-tools that serve more than one purpose, including electric mowers that convert into strimmers.

This hybrid thinking means that many Black & Decker lawn mower parts will also fit its rakers, garden trimmers and strimmers.

Black & Decker lawn mower blades

Black & Decker focuses on electrical power tools but nevertheless offers a wide range of mower designs, including Flymo and cylinder mowers. The Black & Decker lawn mower blades used in many Flymo and hybrids are of the same design as those typically used in garden trimmers, consisting of several plastic blades.

Plastic Black & Decker lawn mower blades wear down in use by design; therefore, they are consumables and it makes sense to maintain a supply with your garden tools. They can be easily replaced, simply slotting into position. It is sensible to replace all blades at the same time.

Check the condition of your mower/trimmer blades regularly - preferably before and after every use. Always remember to isolate the mower from its power source before you turn your equipment over and expose the blades of mowers or strimmers. Remove the power cord from its socket or take out the battery pack.

The metal Black & Decker lawn mower blades used in heavier mowers are intended to be longer-lasting; however, you still need to inspect them regularly. Worn blades are less kind to your lawn and increase the burden on the mower's motor, reducing its lifespan. Your manual will provide sharpening instructions if you feel confident to do this; however, replacement blades are inexpensive.

Black & Decker lawn mower drive belts

Simply Bearings supplies only top-quality replacement toothed Black & Decker lawn mower drive belts. Many cylinder mowers and hedge trimmers use the same belts - consult our experts if you are in any doubt about identifying compatibility with your model of mower, trimmer or lawn raker.

These belts are hard-wearing; in addition, as with all Black & Decker lawn mower parts that Simply Bearings supplies, they are OEM standard and come with our no-quibble quality guarantees.

We can also supply replacement cables, nuts, bolts, switches, cables and other parts for Black & Decker's full range of electric shears, loppers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, pressure washers, trimmers and multi-tools. Call us for any part you cannot find. We also provide fast despatch and cheap shipping rates to all UK and international destinations.


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