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Black and Decker

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Black & Decker Strimmer Parts

The terms 'trimmer' and 'strimmer' are often used interchangeably, but a 'trimmer' often uses metal or hard plastic blades while 'strimmer' denotes those using a rapidly-rotating cutting 'string' as a flail. Their invention is accredited to a Texan, George Ballas, who called it a 'weed eater'. This name is still sometimes used, along with 'weed whacker', 'weed whip', 'whipper snipper' and 'line trimmer'. They are now made in a range of powers and sizes by many different manufacturers, with parts rarely compatible.

In this section we list a range of Black & Decker strimmer parts, including Black & Decker cutting lines, Black & Decker spool head assemblies, spare lines, spool caps and retaining assemblies. You can buy a Black & Decker strimmer spool and lines separately or already combined in a convenient cassette.

The ability to thread your own lines may depend on your model. Models using a single flail line are generally easier to thread than those designed for two.

Black & Decker cutting lines

Black & Decker cutting lines are intended to wear down and be constantly replaced from the spare line in the cassette. They are also intended to break if they hit a hard object and are automatically cut if they extend too far. If you allow your line to get too short, worn or perished, it is common to lose it within the cassette; therefore, you should replace your Black & Decker strimmer spool and lines in good time. It is always wise to have spares in your tool box.

If you thread your own lines, avoid crossing them as you wind, which makes it more likely that the line will jam or get lost in the cassette. Running the strimmer until the spool overheats from friction is another cause of lost lines.

Spool covers are frequently lost, especially when repeatedly removed to retrieve the cutting line, so we supply replacement covers along with most other Black & Decker strimmer parts.

Black & Decker cutting lines are available in normal weight or heavy duty; again, the ability to thread a heavier line will depend on your model. It is unwise to fit heavy duty lines if your motor is insufficiently powered for them.

Black & Decker spool head assemblies

In addition to simply holding a supply of cutting line, the spool head assembly is part of the system that controls its length. Some strimmer heads respond to a bump on the ground to extend more line, some feed automatically, and some depend on the manual extension of new line. Be sure you have read your appliance's manual and know which type of strimmer you are using. Bumping the wrong strimmers can damage the head assembly.

If you cannot see the Black & Decker strimmer parts you need in this section, call our customer service line for expert guidance. We will try to locate any item you cannot find. Free same day dispatch is usually available for all items in stock.


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