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Bosch Lawn Mower Parts

The Bosch Company's fortunes were secured when Robert Bosch improved on early magneto ignition devices. Then in 1902 they improved it further by adding the spark plug and became major suppliers to the burgeoning automotive industry.

Although their original base was Stuttgart, Bosch developed a strong British relationship from as early as 1898, when ?The Bosch Magneto Company? opened its doors in London. Their British presence gave them access to engineering markets around the world.

Their big entry into the manufacturing of mowers and garden machinery came with the acquisition of Atco-Qualcast in 1995. Atco and Qualcast are both venerable British manufacturing names. Atco (originally an abbreviation of ?the Atlas Chain Company?) had their factory in Stowmarket, Suffolk, and have been making mowers since 1921. Qualcast had been mower manufacturers for nearly as long and already owned rights to the legendary Suffolk Punch mower brand.

Today, many Bosch mowers are still made in Stowmarket. But the relationship of the mowers to their brand names has become complicated. Bosch has since sold the Atco brand name to Global Garden Products of Italy, while many of the actual designs were sold to the Allett division of Turfmech and rebranded.

As a result, a Bosch mower from Stowmarket is probably not a British design but is likely British-made, whereas an Atco from Italy is unlikely to be either, but an Allett might really be an Atco. Such are the times we live in.

Bosch Lawn Mower Parts

Wherever they are made, there is no doubt that Bosch is widely trusted to make their appliances from good-quality components. The Bosch lawn mower parts we supply include Bosch lawn mower drive belts and several types of Bosch lawn mower blades.

Bosch manufactures both electric and petrol-driven mowers, including both cylinder and hover designs. They even make a robotic mower. Some Bosch lawn mower blades and Bosch lawn mower drive belts are likely to be compatible with other brands of gardening machinery, but if you are uncertain, ask our customer service desk to check for you.

Simply Bearings supply original OEM spare parts whenever possible. While it may be possible to use cheaper substitutes, this is rarely value for money in the long run. The quality and condition of your blades can impact the quality of the result you obtain from your mower and also the strain placed on the mower itself.

We recommend checking the condition of your blades before and after every use and checking the drive belts and other parts every month (depending on use). Always isolate your mower from its power source before ever lifting the underside from the ground.


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