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C Section Muscle V-Belts - 22x14mm

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C Section Muscle V-Belts - 22x14mm

Many mechanical engineers and fitters will be familiar with the wedge-shaped V-belts that are used to transfer torque, or power, between pulleys. The belts act by using friction between the pulley and the belt - in much the same way that a vehicle uses the friction between the tyres and the road.

There are five categories of V-belt: A, B, C, D and E. Each category has a different size profile. These C section muscle V belts are 22m wide and 14mm deep (approximate measurements). The belts offer differing capacities for power transmission depending on their size, and they are frequently used in sets of two or more to give extra capacity. Other factors, including the speed ratio, can influence power transmission.

Environmentally Friendly

PIX's muscle belts reflect the firm's determination to lead in this field by producing the ultimate in C section muscle V belts. The belts are designed to have a very high power rating and to be both environmentally friendly and free from any maintenance requirements. PIX says it has spent a lot of time talking to customers and using their comments to guide the design and specification of the new belts.

The environmental friendliness at PIX now means that any chemicals that are restricted in the US have been excluded from the production process. The compound used to produce the belt doesn't have any toxic emissions when it is in operation, either.


PIX boasts that the new compound they have used to manufacture the belt offers revolutionary performance, particularly in harsh conditions such as exposure to the sun or to ozone or to environments which contain chemicals.

The temperature range within which the belt will operate is exceptionally wide: -25 degrees Celsius to +120 degrees Celsius.

The new material is claimed to show exceptional results in operation, with minimal energy loss because of its high performance in terms of slippage and elongation - provided by its high-tensile strength. Maintenance-free and highly flexible, the belt can be used to "reverse bend when used in drives with back idlers. It complies with ISO 1813 for anti-static performance, and like the other C section belts, it is economical on space.


The C section is the standard 22mm by 14mm. The PIX belt comes in two sizes: the C60 and the C180. The C60 has an inside length of 1,524 mm (60) and an outside length of 1,626mm (64). The entire belt length is approximately 1,576mm (62.05).

The C180's dimensions are: an inside length of 4,572 mm (180) and an outside length of 4,674 mm (184). The entire belt length is approximately 4,624mm (182.05).

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