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CBE Strimmer Parts

Strimmers are great tools for managing overgrown parts of the garden or those areas that the mower can't reach - typically around heavy garden furniture, statues, sheds and other fixtures. It's worth getting new CBE strimmer parts to ensure efficiency, and it can also be a good idea to keep spares because there is nothing more annoying than setting aside a day to do some strimming only to find that the line breaks early on. If you use your strimmer a lot, take a look at our multiple-buy discounts, which offer great value.

CBE Grass Strimmer Spool and Cutting Line - IK300 This kit is suitable for the CBE 540 model strimmer. It comes with two four-metre lengths of line which are 1.5 mm thick. This should deal with most garden strimming jobs.

CBE Grass Strimmer Spool and Cutting Line - FL229 This set is for the CBE 580 and the CBE 03 strimmers. It features two longer lines five metres in length which are 1.5 mm thick.

No-Quibble Returns

If you find that you have ordered one of these CBE strimmer parts and it's not the right set for your CBE strimmer model, take advantage of our no-quibble 90-day return policy. You get a 100% refund guarantee provided that you haven't used the item. If you're not sure whether the item listed is suitable for your strimmer, you can always call our friendly and helpful telephone team, who will be able to advise.

Excellent Delivery Service and Options

If you are preparing your garden for a special event or need to make sure it's looking its best, it's very frustrating if the strimmer line breaks, you need CBE strimmer parts and you don't have a spare in the garden shed.

Don't worry - we have a range of delivery options that can help you out. Our standard delivery is free and very fast. However, if you must have the item on the same day or need guaranteed next-day delivery, both of these services are also available. Just contact us to arrange the delivery.

We also deliver abroad, so if your farmhouse in Tuscany or cottage in the Dordogne is in need of strimming, we can get the part to you quite easily. In fact, we deliver worldwide - simply state the destination when you are paying for your order and you'll get notified how much the delivery will be. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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