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Carlube Aerosols

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Carlube Aerosols

Car lubricants can remove and suspend dirt and contaminants in the oil while helping to stop deposits from forming. A good lubricant can improve fuel economy, lubricate moving engine components and cut down engine wear. Carlube aerosols are famously effective, and we stock a great range.

Carlube Rust Remover Aerosol

Carlube's famous "Rust in Peace" rust remover doesn't just kill rust: it also adds a moisture barrier to stop any more corrosion. It's widely used on many different kinds of vehicles and for general household jobs, such as metal gates, garden machinery and nuts and bolts. Because Carlube rust remover aerosol doesn't contain any acids, it only attacks the rust and not the underlying metal, and it's also safe on rubber and plastic.

Carlube Aerosol Grease Spray 100+

This is a great multi-purpose semi-fluid grease spray. It is ideal for those difficult to reach components - chains, hinges, links and other metal parts - and has high penetration. It not only lubricates but also provides corrosion protection and is water resistant. It's especially good for lubricating bike and motorbike chains and is compatible with O-rings.

Carlube Copper Grease Spray

This Carlube aerosol grease is a high-performance compound that is lead-free and effective as an anti-seize agent. It has multiple protective properties against water, heat, acid and corrosion. It is a non-melting grease which combines low shear metals and heat-resistant solids, blended to a complex formula. It makes assembly and tightening much easier and, even in extreme temperatures, prevents galling and seizure. It makes dismantling jobs much easier too and has excellent resistance to corrosion.

It's great for greasing battery terminals, exhaust clamps, wheel studs, disc pad brakes, spark plug threads and dozens of other uses.

Carlube Aerosol Grease - White Spray (with PTFE)

This is the product to use if you need long-term lubrication and corrosion protection and want a product that doesn't drip and is water-resistant. It's great for gears, bearings, springs, hinges, linkages and chains, and the PTFE gives it extra protection against wear.

Carlube Aerosols - Note About Delivery

Both FedEx and Royal Mail restrict the carriage of compressed gas and aerosols. Unfortunately, that means we can't offer free delivery on these items. They'll be sent via a carrier service, and the charge will be added to your order when you check out. However, if you're spending £40 or more, your order will qualify for a free carrier service.

For the same reasons, we can't send these kinds of products outside of the UK mainland because the Civil Aviation Authority restricts transportation of them by air.


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