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Cleaning System Shaft Bearings

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Combine Harvester Bearings Cleaning System Shaft Bearings

Because timing is so crucial to harvesting operations, a combine harvester needs to have minimum downtime during busy periods. We stock a full range of bearings for combine harvesters to keep your machinery operating efficiently even when it's in use day and night.

Harvesters may be unused for many months, then exposed to an intensive work schedule with lots of dust and vibration. To deliver robust performance, combine harvesters need quality bearings made of stamped steel and with housings of cast iron - our bearings fit this bill. We stock PEER products because they are designed to industry standards and therefore easy to swap in and out.

Our combine harvester bearings cleaning system shaft bearings can be used with augers and with direct moisture exposure and crop contact. The Peer 205KPPB2 Cleaning System Shaker Drive Shaft Hex Bore Bearing is available in a 0.875 x 2.0472 x 1 (22.25 mm x 52 mm x 25.4 mm) size. It's designed to meet the demanding challenges of bearings used in agricultural work. These include a dusty and dry environment and the fact that several of the bearing positions have direct contact with the crop.

The bearings need to cope with fairly high speeds (500 - 2000 min-1) and both abrasive wear and crop wrap can affect the bearing components. Add to this the frequent occurrence of shock loads, and it's clear that combine bearings have a lot to contend with. These combine harvester bearings cleaning system shaft bearings can stand up to these challenges and deliver increased productivity during vital harvesting periods.

Equally important during intensive work periods on the farm is the ability to get a replacement bearing quickly when you need one. We have a range of delivery options, including both same day and next day deliveries for urgent parts requirements. What's more, if for any reason you can't use the part, you can return it to us within 90 days for a no-quibble refund.

Because you have several different types of bearing in a combine harvester, you may need to get further information or advice. We have a knowledgeable and helpful team of people always ready to give you assistance in identifying and sourcing the bearings you need. Our customer service is unrivalled, as is our expertise in every aspect of bearing use. Our "real world" experience of equipment such as combines means that we are able to help our customers find the right solution quickly and efficiently.


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