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Cobra Strimmer Parts

We make it easy to find the Cobra strimmer parts you need, so you are in the right place if you are after a new Cobra strimmer spool and cutting lines.

Strimmers are a great help in the garden; however, as with all powered machinery, they do have risks. For this reason, it may worth taking a look at our garden parts and accessories section, which has a safety category with lots of useful equipment to reduce hazards when gardening. Safety glasses are a basic precaution, as stalks and foliage can fly about when you are strimming bushes and shrubs, or even the more rampant weeds and brambles. It is always wise to protect your eyes; in fact, we also stock visors that will prevent objects flying into your face. This is handy if you accidentally strim a wasps' nest!

If you are using a strimmer frequently and for longer periods, it is worth investing in some ear defenders and extra-grip gloves to protect your hearing in the long term and make sure you have a firm grasp of the strimmer at all times.

We stock the following Cobra strimmer spool and cutting lines:

Cobra FL289 grass strimmer spool and line

This has a 1.5mm-thick line and comes with two 5m lengths of line. It is suitable for use with the GT600E Cobra strimmer.

Cobra RN489 grass strimmer spool and line and spool cover

If you need the spool cover in addition to the spool and line, this kit comes complete. It is suitable for the GT600E Cobra strimmer.

Great delivery options

Simply Bearings deliveries are free in the UK and our delivery service has a great reputation for speediness; however, if you need the part on the same day as your order or it must be guaranteed to arrive the next day, we can arrange both of these - just give us a call. If you live abroad, no problem - we deliver abroad and all you have to do to take advantage of our low cost international delivery is to give the delivery address when you are checking out. You will see the cost clearly displayed.

If you have a lot of strimming to do or use your strimmer frequently as part of your work, you may find it convenient to keep some Cobra strimmer parts as spares. We offer great deals on multiple purchases, which start when you buy five or more. These are definitely worth looking into.


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