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Copper Washers

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Copper Washers

Simply Bearings is a leading supplier of parts and products which are suitable for a wide range of industries and purposes. From bearings and seals to belts, tools and clothing, our site is a treasure trove of essentials, all of which are available to order at a fair price and with the promise of free standard delivery for our UK customers.

We stock a broad range of copper washers, with models of different shapes, diameters, widths and thicknesses available to browse on our site.

In most instances, these types of washers - in particular the annealed copper sealing washer units - are a good match for installation in drain plugs and other pneumatic or hydraulic fittings where durability and weather resistance are important. Annealing is a process which makes the copper more malleable so that it can be positioned and shaped as necessary, being embraced snugly within the fitting and forming the best possible seal in the process.

The washers we offer range in width from 1mm to 2.5mm, and you can buy them in packs of up to 1000. We also offer packs with just two washers inside, meaning you can order the product which suits the size of the project that you are hoping to tackle, whether in a domestic setting or on a commercial site.

Browsing the washers we offer is easy thanks to the drop-down menus that will let you narrow down your search to identify the specific pack and product type that you require. And our stock levels are indicated clearly, ensuring that you can quickly see whether or not the precise unit that you are seeking is available at this time.

When you order from Simply Bearings, you can arrange for delivery and pick from a number of options. From our free standard delivery service to next-day AM delivery via courier, there is an affordable and effective way to receive your copper washers. We ship to the UK and to international destinations, and you can click the currency options at the top of the page to see the price in your region, avoiding the issue of having to convert prices manually.


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