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Daihatsu Bearings

One of the greatest problems for anyone hoping to change Daihatsu wheel bearings on a vehicle such as the Charmant saloon, Charade hatchback or Sirion 4Trak is having to scour the internet to find a dealer that stocks the correct Daihatsu bearings.

Some dealers will claim that you cannot find any in Britain, while others may suggest that standard roller bearings may be an adequate substitute for unique Daihatsu wheel bearings.

This is of little use when the 1998 Charade hatchback starts to make a whooping noise like a demented washing machine. That is a sign that something is wrong. If it comes from the front, then the front wheel bearings need to be changed.

Bearings may be damaged for a number of reasons, but the most common ones are rust, dust ingress and de-lubrication. The steering begins to feel a bit loose, and the wheels seem to be misaligned.

Simply Bearings is the solution to all of your problems in finding the correct Daihatsu bearings. We stock a very wide range of Daihatsu wheel bearings. We supply kits for both rear wheel bearings and front wheel bearings that come equipped with a sachet of specialist grease as well as full instructions.

Our FBK151 Front Wheel Bearing kit fits the second generation of Daihatsu Charmant saloons, the 1.6 and 1.3, which were manufactured between 1/2/1981 and 1/4/1986. Aimed at the junior executive market in Britain, this compact saloon was later replaced by the Daihatsu Applause. Despite its square shape that became quickly outdated by the mid-1980s, the Charmant's suspension settings were very comfortable, a factor to remember when searching for replacement bearings.

The FBK431 Rear Wheel Bearing kits fit a variety of Daihatsu Charade Hatchback models manufactured between 1983 and 2000. This was a reasonably refined, nimble and aerodynamic car with a low price tag. It competed well against its more expensive, and eventually more stylish, competitors. This car was never a vehicle for belting down the motorway but was brilliant in the city, where drivers spend more time squeezing in and out of tight parking spaces.

The FBK1010 Rear Wheel Bearing kit is suitable for the Daihatsu Sirion and Cuore Hatchbacks, Copen Convertible and YRV Estate. Suspension problems were always an issue with the Cuore, and the Sirion was difficult to handle, while that quirky and diminutive drop-top, the Copen Convertible, soon became collector's item. Simply Bearings will ensure that you obtain the correct bearings to tackle issues with the older models.


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