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Draper Strimmer Parts

Draper Tools is a great British success story. The family firm was founded in Kingston upon Thames in 1919, selling government surplus tools; today, it has two warehouses in Hampshire housing the largest repository of tools and engineering consumables anywhere in the country.

Draper's success is based on consistently aspiring to quality, generation after generation. At Simply Bearings we do the same, which is why we recommend you buy only original Draper strimmer parts and Draper strimmer spools and cutting lines.

In addition to Draper strimmer spools and cutting lines, this section lists replacement Draper strimmer spool covers, which are often lost, alongside retaining bolts and springs and complete replacement spool holder assemblies.

Understanding spool head assemblies

Inside the head assembly at the base of your strimmer is a rotating cassette that holds your supply of cutting line. In addition to simply containing your supply of line, the head assembly regulates the length that extends and rotates when you power up your strimmer. The mechanism by which this is done varies from model to model - some lines are adjusted manually, others automatically, and others respond to a 'bump' technique to issue more line on demand without powering down.

Be sure you understand how your particular model is intended to work. Extending too much line quickly uses up your supply, as housings contain cutting edges to remove excess. Bumping strimmers not intended for bumping may damage your head assembly.

Different strimmers also use a different number of cutting lines, lines of different weights and thickness, and house them on spools of different shapes and sizes. To identify the Draper strimmer parts you need, check your manual or strimmer for your model number. If in any doubt, call our customer service number at any time for expert advice.

Replacing Draper strimmer spool covers, spools and lines

Although this varies from model to model, it is usually very straightforward and should take only a few seconds. Begin by safely powering off your appliance, then remove the spool cap. The expended spool holder will easily twist out. As you insert your replacement, thread some cutting line through the eyelets in the side of the housing. Lastly, simply snap the cover back on.

It is possible to wind new cutting line onto old expended spools; however, this is often time-consuming, fiddly, and parts such as springs are often lost. The line must be neatly wound; otherwise, it will fail to extend properly when in use. Simply Bearings supplies reels of cutting line if you would like to try, but our replacement spools are best quality and inexpensive.


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