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Duplex Platewheels

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Duplex Platewheels

Platewheels, also known as chain gears and sprockets, form part of rotating machinery which uses teeth or cogs to transmit torque. Commonly used in motorbikes, bicycles and any industrial application with a drive mechanism, they work in a way that is similar to the operation of power transmission systems like V belts and V pulleys however they offer a non-slip solution. The teeth of platewheels make them ideal for use with roller chains as the profile of the teeth promote low friction roll over as the chain is transferred between teeth..

Platewheels can drive or be driven by a chain as a drive component and also perform the useful job of guiding and supporting the chain so that it remains stable and consistent as it moves. Many sprockets are limited in their functionality by the presence of a boss on one side of the part. Platewheels offer great flexibility by making it easy to use bespoke attachments such as custom bosses or sets of bolt holes for attaching the other components of the drive. A platewheel can be machined or drilled according to requirements.

Duplex platewheels are durable and robust, with significant advantages over other variants. They are made from duplex stainless steel, whose two-phase metallurgical structure gives them excellent resistance to most forms of corrosion, including chloride stress and chloride pitting corrosion. They are also stronger than most other types of stainless steel. Their high mechanical properties make duplex steels ideal for use in chemical engineering, the oil, gas, water and automotive industries as well as in architecture and infrastructure.

Simply Bearings carries an extensive range of duplex platewheels which are quality machined for precision, strength and longevity. The choice of chain pitch starts at 8mm and extends to 50.8 mm. The smallest models have just 8 teeth and there are dozens of sizes to choose from up to 125 teeth.

If you are looking for reliable, long-lasting, high-performance dupex platewheels then at Simply Bearings you will always find what you are looking for. High stock levels are maintained at all times so there should never be any availability issues. Free UK delivery is offered on orders over ?5.00 and if your need is urgent, then next day and even same day delivery can be arranged. Simply Bearings can also deliver overseas. With a 90-day 100% refund guarantee, you will have complete peace of mind.


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