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Duplex Taper Bore Sprockets

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Duplex Taper Bore Sprockets

A toothed wheel that transfers torque by meshing with a track or chain is known as a sprocket. Sprockets are not in themselves gears, as you don't mesh sprockets together; however, they are often used to change the output torque or speed of a system.

These duplex taper bore sprockets are widely used in engineering, agriculture and industry, and you will find them in applications such as rollers, drives and conveyors. They are often used by classic and vintage motorbike restorers; more recently, sprockets and chains have found a role in robotic models and prototypes.

Speed and gearing effect

When measuring the speed of a sprocket, the commonest method is to take a unit of time and count how many revolutions the sprocket makes. This is a rotating speed measurement, but you can convert it to linear speed if you know the pitch diameter. Multiply by the number of rotations to get a linear measurement such as feet or metres per second.

If you have an application in which a smaller-sized sprocket drives a larger one, this arrangement will decrease the output speed. In reverse, with a larger-sized sprocket driving a smaller one, the output speed will increase. Duplex sprockets are nearly always used with duplex chains.

C45 steel is used to manufacture the smaller duplex taper bore sprockets. This steel is more cost effective than alloy steel and wears better than mild steel. The larger sprockets are frequently made from G22 cast iron.

Wide range of sizes

These duplex taper bore sprockets can be used with different sizes of tapered locking bushes. The sprocket will be an easy fit on the shaft, with no need for machining due to the wide range of shaft sizes available. We have triplex, duplex and simplex sprockets in stock and carry a matching range of locking bushes. There is also a pilot bore version if one is needed. Remember that the bushes are not included, as you need to separately specify the size you want.

We stock duplex sprockets for chain pitches from 9.53mm to 25.4mm (3/8" to 1"). The number of teeth on the sprocket varies from 13 to 57.

Great international and UK delivery options

If you have ordered from us before, you will know that our standard delivery is both fast and reliable; however, there may be occasions when you have a very urgent requirement for a part. If this is the case, try our same day or guaranteed next day delivery services. We can arrange the same day delivery over the phone and we have very reasonable international delivery - just state the delivery address for your item when you reach the checkout and we will work out the cost. It is all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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