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Steel Jubilee Crimping Pincers

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P1099 Steel Jubilee Side Closing Crimping Pincers
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P1099 Steel Jubilee Side Closing Crimping Pincers

Side Closing Pincer: For the crimping of Jubilee® CV boot or O clip ears where access to the ear is too difficult for normal closing pincers.
Benefits: Side closing pincer

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Brand / Quality: Jubilee - High Quality

Steel Jubilee Crimping Pincers

Steel Jubilee crimping pincers are used for crimping the ends of Jubilee CV (constant velocity) boot clips or two-eared clamping O Clips.

Original Jubilee 1099 O Clip side-closing pincers provide a hole that can work around pipes, rods or shafts to make light work of secure crimping and other operations. They are particularly useful when access to ears in a restricted engine space is too difficult for ordinary pincers. They are made of zinc protected mild carbon steel with secure grip handles.

The dimensions of steel Jubilee crimping pincers are approximately 40mm by 50mm in width and depth, and 225mm in length, and they have a weight of 350 grams.

CV Boot Clips

Jubilee constant velocity (CV) joint boot clips are typically used to secure the boots that protect constant velocity joints from contamination, allowing them to retain their lubrication. They help to maintain smooth running transmission in vehicle engines and are routinely examined as part of current UK MOT legislation. Jubilee (alias L Robinson & Co Limited of Gillingham, Kent) manufacture them in best-quality stainless steel.

O Clips

Often called double-ear or two-eared clips, the Jubilee O Clip dispenses with the usual hexagonal screw mechanism of standard Jubilee hose clips and relies instead upon the quality of their steel and the application of a reliable matched crimping tool. They are particularly useful for work on very small diameter hoses. They are also tamper-proof in nature, which recommends them in circumstances when issues might arise from any unauthorised tampering with a fitting.

Quality Standards

The philosophy at Simply Bearings is about quality. We believe that in engineering, corner-cutting is a false economy. Tools and components should be top-quality, fully tested and certified products that can be relied upon to both perform and last. Usually, the most reliable sources are original manufacturers with years of experience behind them. Our steel Jubilee crimping pincers and clips are no exception, coming direct from Jubilee.

Jubilee products are BSi approved and carry the British Standard kitemark (BS 5315). They are also accredited by the German standards agency (DIN) and the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE J1508).

Our original Jubilee products are also made from the best corrosion-tested quality steels, ensuring maximum reliability and longevity of both Jubilee hose clips and accessories like our steel Jubilee crimping pincers.

Simply Bearings endeavours to provide same-day despatch whenever possible and can offer free delivery for most items within the UK. International and express delivery options are also available.


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