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Steel Jubilee Flexidrivers

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FLX Steel Jubilee Flexidriver 7mm Hexagonal Head
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FLX Steel Jubilee Flexidriver 7mm Hexagonal Head

Jubilee Flexdriver®: Hard to reach clips can be easily adjusted due to the Jubilee Flexidriver® flexible shaft. Fits any 7mm flat hexagonal headed screw.
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Brand / Quality: Jubilee - High Quality

Jubilee Clip Tools

Jubilee of Chatham, Kent - the original developer of the now ubiquitous Jubilee clip - also manufactures several specialised Jubilee clip tools to make fitting, adjusting and removing the clips even easier. The range includes a flexible screwdriver, wing-handled clip drivers in a couple of different lengths, and matched side-closing pincers. Call us for any Jubilee clip tool not currently displayed in the catalogue.

Original manufacturer products

Please note that Simply Bearings supplies only top-quality tools and components, usually from original manufacturers whenever possible. Online it is possible to find unbranded imported 'Jubilee clip tools' of inferior quality, just as you may find 'Jubilee-type' hose clips. We strongly advise against such products, as broken clips and tools cost more in the long run than using quality-tested engineering products. Jubilee is the registered trademark of the original developer, which has developed and traded these products for almost 100 years. The Jubilee worm drive hose clip was invented and patented by Royal Navy commander Lumley Robinson in 1921, with the family-run company continuing to operate from Gillingham to this day.

Unbranded clips and tools are also frequently in non-standard sizes. The standard Jubilee clip is scored for a flat blade screwdriver and has a hexagonal 7mm profile. This standardisation and manufacturing precision ensures that Jubilee clip tools and clips fit perfectly, providing a secure docking of tool and hexagonal screw and driving the screw with maximum safety and ease.Original products are also made from the best quality steel, ensuring longevity of both Jubilee hose clips and Jubilee clip tools.

Jubilee flexidrivers

The Jubilee flexidriver is made of mild steel and has a robust but flexible shaft that will enable you to reach clips even in cramped conditions, such as those often encountered inside engines or in hard-to-reach locations behind other hoses and equipment. The working end consists of a socket designed to perfectly fit the 7mm hexagonal head of the standard Jubilee clip.

Jubilee clip drivers

Jubilee clip drivers are wing-handled drivers with rigid shafts of either 95mm or 160mm socketed for the standard 7mm hexagonal Jubilee screws. These simple tools make fitting, adjusting and removing clips, shafts, hoses and other components much easier, increasing your productivity and minimising stress during those busy times. Once again, these tools are made from best-quality mild steel.

Jubilee side closing pincers

This tool, which is for crimping Jubilee CV (constant velocity) boot or two-eared clamping O-clips, is especially useful when access to the ear is too restricted for ordinary pincers. The mild steel is zinc protected.


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