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FRAS SPA Section Anti Static Fire Resistant Wrapped V-Belts 13x10mm

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FRAS SPA Section Anti-Static Fire Resistant Wrapped V-Belts 13x10mm

When a belt slips in operation, there's always a risk of fire or sparks, and in a safety-critical area this risk has to be controlled.

These FRAS SPA section anti-static fire resistant wrapped V belts are designed to prevent sparks and will also resist fire should it occur. They're used in a wide range of equipment, such as crushers, pumps, blowers, generators and mixers, and across many industries, such as agriculture, textiles, automotive, construction and others.

They are designed for high-performance, heavy-duty applications in which they are running continually, so they are especially valuable in hazardous operations such as mining and petrochemicals.

Construction and Properties

They belts are covered in a wrap made of polychloroprene, better known as Neoprene. It belongs to a group of synthesised rubbers that are chemically stable and maintain flexibility over a large temperature range. This is what helps the belt to resist cracking.

PIX FRAS SPA section anti-static fire resistant wrapped V belts are subjected to a fire-resistance test, and the glow time meets and exceeds the desirable target of less than five seconds. They will resist emission of inflammable substances while they are operating. Their anti-static performance is 10 to 15 times better than the maximum value specified in ISO 1813. The belts are all certified by ATEX, the European regulatory framework for equipment in explosive atmospheres.

They are very robust and will resist cracking and other damage, so they provide smooth operation and a long operational life. They meet international oil- and heat-resistance standards and can be used in temperatures from -25°C to +100°C.

Belt Dimensions

The inside length of these belts ranges from 755mm to 3955mm and the outside length from 818mm to 4018mm. For engineers who need the datum length, it's given in the product name, so FSPA800 has a datum length of 800mm. (Datum length depends on adjusting the sliding pulley to get the belt length required).

The SPA profile means that the belt width is 13mm and the depth is 10mm. At Simply Bearings we carry an excellent selection of these belts in a wide range of profiles with widths between 10mm and 22mm and depths of 8mm to 19mm.

Simply Bearings' customer service is second to none and is backed by our no-quibble returns policy, which means that if you find you don't want the belt you've ordered or need to change it, you can return it to us for a refund or replacement.


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