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FSO Bearings

Whether it's a two-stroke Syrena made in 1957 or a 1978 Polonez, we can supply quality FSO bearings for all needs. We have an extensive range of FSO wheel bearings available online which are sourced through our extensive UK network of suppliers.

The FBK307 rear wheel bearing kit is manufactured from the highest-quality components. The kits represent good value for money, since they include all of the parts that you will need when it is time to change FSO wheel bearings on any of the major models.

These are high-quality bearing kits that are engineered to replace the vehicle's rear wheel bearings. The package includes a sachet full of the correct grease for wheel bearings so that you can confidently replace the lubrication around the old bearings, which will have been contaminated by metal particles as well as dust and dirt.

The kit contains full instructions for replacement, so you can feel confident that that you will be able to change the bearings on your own rather than paying the exorbitant cost associated with hiring a mechanic to do the job.

The FBK307 FSO rear wheel bearing fits a wide range of FSO models. These include:

  • The 125P Saloon/Hatchback 1.5 that was manufactured between 1/1/1976 and 1/6/1990
  • The 125P Estate 1.5 that was manufactured between 1/1/1976 and 1/6/1990
  • The Polonez Hatchback 1.5 that was manufactured between 1/11/1978 and 1/6/1990
  • The Caro Hatchback 1.9D that was manufactured between 1/3/1995 and 1/7/1997
  • The 125P Saloon 1.3 that was manufactured between 1/6/1981 and 1/6/1990
  • The Polonez Hatchback 1.6 that was manufactured between 1/5/1987 and 1/6/1990
  • The FSO Caro Hatchback 1.9D that was manufactured between 1/3/1994 and 1/7/1997

We offer top-quality FSO wheel bearings and other FSO bearings in our online range, all at competitive prices and benefiting from fast and reliable delivery. Should you have any queries about our range of FSO bearings or other stock, please feel free to call our expert staff. They will be happy to advise you as to the bearings' suitability for the particular FSO model in question and can discuss any other requirements you may have.


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