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Farm and Garten

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Farm & Garten Strimmer Parts

The Farm & Garten brand (Fa-Ga) is better known in Germany but sells widely in the UK through outlets such as Argos. While these outlets offer great value, they stock few spares or consumables; for Farm & Garten strimmer parts, you need Simply Bearings.

As with most strimmers, Farm & Garten gardener strimmer spool heads and cutting lines are designed to wear down and be easily replaced. Cutting line is gradually expended, spool caps get lost in the shed or garden, and occasionally spools or housings are cracked or damaged by impacts. We can supply original Farm & Garten strimmer parts for all these problems.

There are hundreds of makes and models of strimmer on the market. While most rely on spools of cutting wire, these spools are only occasionally interchangeable. Farm & Garten gardener strimmer spool heads and cutting lines are sometimes compatible with strimmers badged with other brand names, including Ikra, Diana, Flymo, Praktiker, Fleurelle, Gardol, Rasant, Variolux and Draper, but it is far safer to use original branded spares and consumables.

Begin by identifying your model, either from the appliance or from its manual or original packaging. If you have any difficulty doing this, call the Simply Bearings customer service line for advice.

Replacing Farm & Garten gardener strimmer spool heads and cutting lines

It is possible to thread new cutting wire into exhausted spools, and we sell this in other sections; however, this can be very fiddly and time-consuming. New spools, already wound with line, are a quicker, easier and inexpensive option.

To fit your new spool, first disconnect the power from your strimmer. It is then simply a matter of pulling off the cap, twisting out the empty spool, dropping in a new one, and refastening it. This will take only a few seconds.

Understand your strimmer

A few simple rules will get the best performance from your strimmer. Some strimmers are specifically designed for lawn edging, with good visibility, rotating heads and even guide-wheels. Others are built for scything dense foliage, swapping some accuracy and manoeuvrability for robustness.

If your strimmer does not have enough power, don't abuse it with jobs beyond its intended use. With any strimmer, move into denser areas slowly from the outside. Overtaxing your strimmer will cause slowing, overheating, and constant lost cutting lines.

Avoid impacts with large stones, fences, brickwork and sinuous foliage, and clean away all debris from inside the housing after every session. In particular, always remember to check that the spool head assembly is clean, fully intact, and still loaded with sufficient cutting line. Spools are inexpensive, so always keep a few spares to hand.


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