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Fleurelle Chainsaw Parts

When you're ordering Fleurelle chainsaw parts, you'll need to check that you're getting the right size by checking the sizes on the Fleurelle chainsaw spares page.

Bar, Pitch And Drive Link Sizes for Fleurelle Chainsaw Chains

Most chainsaw chains have a pitch of 3/8 inch, and that's true of the Fleurelle chains too (the pitch is the distance between the links on the drive). The length of each chain is a function of the number of drive links, and these sometimes vary, even with chains that have the same bar size, so check the product description carefully. In the Fleurelle products, for example, there are two different drive link numbers for the 40cm bar - one chain has 56 drive links, and the other has 57.

We've listed the chain sizes below, but you can also filter for the bar size or number of drive links on the Fleurelle chainsaw parts page. Note that the number after the ?CH inch is the number of drive links in the chain. If you don't see the product you need in the list below, check the Fleurelle products, because we are always adding to our stock and the part you want might be a recent arrival.

Fleurelle Chainsaw Chains

The Fleurelle products include:

Chains to fit 35cm (14 inch) Bar chainsaws: Fleurelle CH052. These will fit the KS, 1435, KSB, 2035, KSB, 2640.

Chains to fit 40cm (16 inch) Bar chainsaws: Fleurelle CHO56. These will fit the KSB 2035, KSB 2640.

Chains to fit 40cm (16 inch) Bar chainsaws: Fleurelle CHO57. These will fit the FEKS 2040, KS 1640, KSE 1640, KSE 1845, KSE 2040-1.

Chains to fit 46cm (18 inch) Bar chainsaws: Fleurelle CHO62. These will fit the KS 1845.

If you order Fleurelle chainsaw spares and then realise you've got the wrong size, it's not a problem. We have a 90-day no-quibble refund policy. Just return the bar to us and we'll either send out the correct size or give you a refund.

A note on safety - obviously, a chainsaw is a highly effective tool for dealing with trees and large shrubs, splitting logs and other jobs. But it can also be hazardous, so always use it with caution and follow safety procedures. We stock a great range of safety gear specifically designed for chainsaw users. Products include an integrated helmet, ear defender and visor set, adjustable chainsaw chaps and specially reinforced gloves. So take a look at our safety section, and always remember to wear robust boots too.


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