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Florabest Strimmer Parts

The Florabest trademark belongs to Lidl (Lidl Stiftung Co); however, its strimmers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and other garden equipment are manufactured under licence by quality manufacturers such as Einhell UK. Florabest strimmer parts are therefore chosen for interchangeability with other brands.

Florabest strimmer heads, Florabest strimmer blades and Florabest strimmer spool heads and cutting lines are good-quality replacement parts that will fit a wide variety of popular garden strimmers. If you have any difficulty identifying compatible parts for your strimmer, our customer service line is happy to offer expert advice at any time.

Strimmer consumables

Lawn trimmers are usually powered by battery packs, mains electricity or petrol motors. For their cutting edge, they rely upon taut 'strings' or on plastic or metal blades. Our range of Florabest strimmer parts includes several types of plastic blade alongside Florabest strimmer spool heads and cutting lines suitable for some petrol-driven models in addition to electrical ones.

Since plastic blades and cutting lines are designed to wear in service and be regularly replaced, our Florabest strimmer blades are usually supplied in packs of 20.

Florabest strimmer heads contain spools of ready-loaded cutting line that snap quickly and easily into place when your old one is either empty of line or damaged in use.

Replacing spent spools with ready-loaded ones is easier than securing new line into empty ones; however, the latter is an option if you wish to save a little money or cannot identify a compatible replacement spool. We have supplies of suitable cutting line available in other categories. Check with us if you are in any doubt as to the correct type of line to use, which varies in both width/weight and in some cases cross-section.

Handling your strimmer

There are still admissions to casualty departments every year caused by carelessness with strimmers. Although it may seem obvious, always make sure the power is safely off before turning your strimmer to inspect or handle inside the housing. Not only can rotating lines and blades cause serious cuts but also they can endanger eyes by propelling debris through the air.

Manufacturers recommend protective safety goggles and garden gloves when using a strimmer, but remember that this will not protect children playing nearby.

Keeping the inside of your housing clean and in good condition keeps it working safely and more efficiently. Replace damaged blades, spools or housings as soon as the damage is identified and clean away debris after every session.

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