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Sebring EH249 Grass Strimmer Spool & Line 1.5mm, 1x6m
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Sebring EH249 Grass Strimmer Spool & Line 1.5mm, 1x6m

Equivalent to: Suitable for the following Sebring models: Sebring 50

Strimmer Spool Accessories: A wide range of strimmer accessories to help maintain your grass strimmer, spools of strimmer line available in varying thicknesses to achieve the perfect cut. Head [show more]...

£5.95 ex VAT
This item is available from stock
Brand / Quality: Sebring
Length: 1x6m
Thickness: 1.5mm

Sebring Strimmer Parts

You can find a range of Sebring strimmer parts here at Simply Bearings, along with spares for gardening equipment from a range of other popular brands. We sell Sebring strimmer cutting lines and other accessories that will help you keep your equipment in tip-top condition throughout the summer months. With compelling customer service and free UK delivery, there are lots of reasons to shop for Sebring strimmer spools with us.

Our Sebring strimmer parts are available with lines of different lengths and thicknesses. Stock levels change over time, so if you cannot find the component you are looking for, then get in touch with us and we will help you in whatever way we can.

When choosing Sebring strimmer spools, be sure to pick a part that is compatible with the strimmer model you own. There are variations in terms of size and specifications across this brand's line-up, so it is sensible to check the suitability of any spare parts before adding them to your basket.

Our Sebring strimmer cutting lines are available with the head assembly included, which makes it even easier to swap it out for the old spool. With new line loaded into your strimmer, you will be able to get back out in the garden and take on tall grass and other foliage effectively without running out half way through the job.

Buying spare Sebring strimmer parts now is a great way to avoid the irritation that comes when your equipment suffers a fault or gets through all of the existing line before you are ready to stop using it. And because we offer free delivery on any order that is shipped to a UK address, you can get spares to keep as a back-up in case of an emergency without having to pay over the odds.

If you are based elsewhere in the world, Simply Bearings can ship out a spare part for your Sebring strimmer at an affordable delivery rate. We also offer inexpensive express delivery for UK customers who do not want to wait any longer than is necessary to get their strimmer components.

Cast your eye over our full range of equipment spares, engineering parts, adhesives, tools and cycling gear if you need more than just Sebring strimmer spools. Simply Bearings has everything you need, no matter the size of the job or the brand of the part you are looking to buy.


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