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Gardenline - Aldi

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Aldi Gardenline Chainsaw Parts

When ordering new Aldi Gardenline chainsaw parts, you can easily check that you are getting the correct size by browsing the listings on the Aldi Gardenline chainsaw spares page. Here are some hints to help you.

Bar, pitch and drive link sizes for Aldi Gardenline chainsaw chains

Most chains have a 3/8 inch pitch, which is the space between the drive links. This is also the case with these Aldi Gardenline chainsaw parts. The number of drive links in the chain dictates the length of the chain; however, note that chains for a specific bar size can vary in the number of drive links they contain; for example, Aldi Gardenline has one chain for a 45cm bar that has 60 drive links, while another chain for a 45cm bar has 61 links.

Getting the wrong number of drive links, despite the chain length appearing to be correct, can mean that the chain doesn't drive properly and can even be dangerous. Check the product details on the Aldi Gardenline page to ensure you have the right specification. That said, you can buy with confidence because we have a 90-day, no-quibble refund policy. Simply return the item and we will either replace it with another or give you your money back. It is as simple as that and all part of the Simply Bearings service.

Our Aldi Gardenline chainsaw spares include:

Chains to fit 40cm (16 inch) bar chainsaws: Aldi Gardenline CH057 (57 drive links). These will fit the Aldi Gardenline GCS 2000, GLPC 40 and GPCS 46Z. The chain is comparable to the 91pJ057X.

Chains to fit 45cm (17 - 18 inch) bar chainsaws: Aldi Gardenline CH060 (60 drive links). These will fit the Aldi Gardenline GCS2000, GLPC-40 and GPCS-42cc.

Chains to fit 45cm (17 - 18 inch) Bar chainsaws: Aldi Gardenline CH061 (61 drive links). These will fit the Aldi Gardenline GLPCS/10.

Aldi Gardenline chainsaw chains are high quality, so you can be assured that your chainsaw will operate efficiently; however, there is no denying that a chainsaw can cause accidents and injuries. To protect yourself, it is worth looking at our safety kit - we have a special range for chainsaw users. Safety gear includes an integrated ear defender, helmet and face visor. We stock special gloves for use with chainsaws, and chaps to be worn over trousers to provide protection for legs. These are unisex and adjustably sized,

If you have any queries, please give our friendly and helpful telephone team a call - we are always happy to help.


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