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Gold Strimmer Parts

Strimmers usually have a single filament line rather than a blade to cut weeds and grass. However, these Gold strimmer cutting lines have a double feed. Lots of gardeners and grounds maintenance operators favour the two-line strimmers because they give a closer cut and are able to deal with thicker weeds and undergrowth. They're also good at edging, for example, around trees, fences or heavy garden furniture.

These Gold strimmer spools and lines are for heavy-duty use and come with a line thickness of 2.4mm, so they'll take on the toughest gardening and ground clearance jobs.

If you're dealing with stronger weeds, small shrubs, brambles and so on, there are bound to be stalks and twigs flying about while you're strimming. It's a good idea to protect your eyes from accidental damage caused by flying debris, so why not take a look in our garden section at the safety equipment? We have safety glasses, visors and also safety gloves that will ensure you have a firm grip on the strimmer while using it.

Gold Strimmer Parts and Gold Strimmer Spools

Gold RY200 - this features two Gold strimmer cutting lines, 2.25m in length and with a 2.4mm thickness. It's suitable for the Gold Power 0.095 Splitline Cartridge. For comparable models and parts, see the product listing.

Gold RY201 - Another of the high-quality Gold strimmer parts, although the line on this one is slightly less heavy-duty at 2mm thick. There are two 3m lines on the spool.

The Gold strimmer parts aren't available everywhere - luckily, we always carry them in stock. If you need a replacement urgently, we can rush one to you. Our normal delivery is free and very fast. But if you need guaranteed next-day delivery or have to get the part today, just talk to our telephone team. They'll arrange a same-day delivery for you.

And if you need the part delivered to an overseas address, it couldn't be simpler. Just put in the address when you get to the checkout, and you'll see how much it will cost. Our international delivery rates are very competitive, and our delivery partner is the ever-reliable FedEx.

And why not buy a spare at the same time? That way you'll never have strimming 'downtime' and can carry on working even if a line breaks. There are great savings too on multiple purchases.


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