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Grass Strimmer Parts

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Grass Strimmer Parts

Motorised foliage and lawn trimmers may be petrol or electrically powered and come with a variety of power ratings and cutting power. At the cutting end they use either a rotating blade of metal or hard plastic or a rapidly-rotating flail, which is basically a flexible cord. The latter are usually referred to as strimmers, which is probably a contraction of 'string' and 'trimmer'. They are also sometimes called weed whackers.

A large number of manufacturers produce these garden tools. Generally speaking, grass trimmers parts are not standardised; therefore, you need to refer to both the brand name and model number to identify the appropriate garden strimmer spares and accessories. If you have any difficulty identifying your model or tracking down a spare, please call our customer service line. Simply Bearings is always happy to advise or to source less common items.

In this section are garden strimmer spares for the majority of current trimmer and strimmer models - spools, lines, spool caps, replacement retaining bolts and head assembles.

You can rely on the quality of all our grass trimmers parts; in almost all cases, Simply Bearings sources only from original manufacturers. Our grass trimmers parts are cost-effective, with inferior replicas unlikely to be cost-effective in the long run. We offer free shipping to most UK destinations, with same day or next day dispatch after your order is received.

Cutting heads

The cutting edges of all trimmers rely upon a rapidly rotating cutting surface of one kind or another. Inevitably some debris flies into the air, friction is generated, and impact wear of some degree is inevitable. Debris is usually retained by the housing and its skirting, but you are always advised to wear goggles and protective clothing while strimming or using a motor trimmer. We supply suitable gloves and eye protection in other sections of the catalogue.

Due to the constant wear, the cutting surfaces of these appliances are designed to be regularly replaced. In strimmers, the spare cutting line is coiled inside a cartridge and extends gradually as the impacting end is gradually worn away. You should familiarise yourself with the method used to do this by your particular strimmer - some require regular manual extension; some are automatic, often triggered by stopping and starting the motor; and others use a 'bump' mechanism.

In all cases, the cutting line is eventually exhausted and the spool(s) must be reloaded or replaced. Replacing the entire spool cassette usually requires nothing more than depressing two tabs to pull it out, then pushing on the new one. As they are consumables, it makes sense to always order a few spares.

New line can often be threaded into existing spools; however, be aware that replacing line can be fiddly in some models. Occasionally it is possible to fit heavier or sharper profiled cutting line, but we strongly recommend fitting only the original recommended product; otherwise, you may experience increased jamming, line loss, slowing, or motor overheating


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