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Grub Screw Full Width Steel Parallel Outer Inserts

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Grub Screw Full Width Steel Parallel Outer Inserts

These grub screw full width steel parallel outer inserts are ideal replacements for housed inserts and are easy to take out of the housing when you need to change them. Used in engineering equipment, they will reduce noise and deliver smooth operation.

The cylindrical bearings have two grub screws, which allow the bearing to be tightened against the shaft once it has been installed. They can be relubricated and are excellent for normal duty applications.

The SER type is fully sealed and has a parallel outer diameter. It is supplied with a snap ring fitted and can be relubricated after it has been fitted. Again, two grub screws are used to tighten against the shaft, and this type of insert is replaceable.

The RHP 1100 series of grub screw full width steel parallel outer inserts also have a snap ring which includes two grooves, allowing you to move the ring into the position you require. The grub screws are 120 degrees apart.

Both Metric and Imperial Measurements

The inside diameter of the bore can range from 12mm to 34.93mm and from ?" to 1 3/8". The outside diameter comes in millimetre sizings only, and you will find that many of these bearings have an imperial-size inner diameter and a metric-size outer diameter. Outer diameters are available from 40mm to 160mm.

Finding the Right Bearings

With the vast choice of bearings available on the Simply Bearings site, it can be a challenge to find the exact type you want. Many of our users also need more information about whether a certain type of bearing will be suitable for the application they have in mind. Unlike other sites, we have a telephone team who are extremely knowledgeable about bearing applications and about the different types of bearings that are available. If you call them to describe the issue you are having and what kind of bearing you are considering, you'll find that they have in-depth knowledge of the huge range of bearings that we stock and will be able to help you.

The more you buy, the bigger the discount we can give you, so it often makes sense to put in a larger order and keep some spares handy. Our service and delivery will be extremely fast, with a same-day option for very urgent requirements. And our no-quibble refund offer means that you can order all of your parts with confidence.


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