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Grune Welle

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Grune Welle Strimmer Parts

Our Grune Welle strimmer spools are ready-loaded with cutting line and can be snapped quickly into place. These Grune Welle strimmer parts are compatible with many models of other brands, including Ikra, Diana, Draper, Rasant, Variolux, Farm & Garten, Fleurelle, Gutbrod, Viking, Sabo, Stiga, Alpina, and Mountfield, and with some Flymo and Hitachi models.

If you are not sure whether Grune Welle strimmer parts are suitable for use with your own strimmer, our customer service department will happily look into this for you.

Grune Welle strimmer cutting lines are intended to wear down in use and to be replaced by spare line wound onto the spool. Although most owners choose to replace Grune Welle strimmer spools completely when they are exhausted, it is also possible to replenish Grune Welle strimmer cutting lines by winding fresh cutting line into the depleted spool. If you wish to take this approach, we have several compatible brands of cutting line available.

It is always advisable to replace Grune Welle strimmer cutting lines with cutting line of the same weight or diameter. There is no guarantee that spools will continue to feed smoothly if you use line of a different size or with a different cross-section - some types of line can be oval or angular in cross section. Heavier line will also prevent some lightweight electric strimmers rotating at the correct speed. Check with us if you are in any doubt as to the correct type of line to use.


Be aware that replacing cutting line onto spools correctly can be a little fiddly with some models. Also take care not to lose any securing clips, spacers, retaining bolts or the spool caps.

Although it is usually a quick and easy job to replace a pre-loaded spool, always ensure your strimmer is safely powered off before you begin. Electric strimmers should be unplugged completely, and petrol/gas trimmers should never be left turning over in idle.


While replacing a spool or cutting line, always take the opportunity to inspect and clean the head assembly and interior of the housing. Good housekeeping will extend the lifetime of your cutting line and the strimmer itself in addition to avoiding line-feed issues and other performance problems. If there are any cracks or missing parts in the head assembly, the vast majority of parts can be cheaply replaced. Call our customer service line if you cannot readily locate the part you need in our online catalogue.

In use, take care to minimise impacts of the strimmer and its line with the ground, fence posts, lawn edgings, woody stemmed plants or sinuous foliage. Move in gradually from the edges when confronted by any area of extra heavy plant growth.


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