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Gtech Strimmer Parts

Gtech (Grey Technology) is a British hi-tech company specialising in cordless mowers, strimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners, power sweepers, portable fans and battery-powered bikes. Founded in 2001, their turnover exceeded £6 million within just five years. Portability and ease of use lie at the heart of their product design ethos.

In the last decade and a half they have sold over 22 million appliances worldwide. While most manufacturing takes place in China, headquarters, design and development are based in the UK. Products are also developed for the US market in partnership with Shark and for Eastern Europe and the Balkans in partnership with Vileda. Their major UK outlets include B&Q and John Lewis.

Gtech Strimmer Spares

Gtech strimmer parts are compatible with many other makes of grass trimmer. Their latest model is the ST20, an ultra-lightweight trimmer with a more powerful 18v lithium-ion GTech strimmer battery but still able to use the same standard cutting blades as the ST04 and ST05 (also known as the Gtech rapid blade pro).

Gtech strimmer blades are rugged and durable plastic leaf-shaped cutting edges that hook very simply over a boss in the cutting head. Despite their strength, Gtech strimmer blades are a consumable that inevitably wear down in use and need regular replacement, so they are usually sold in packs of 20. They are very affordable, and it makes sense to keep a couple of spare packs stored in the garden shed.

Gtech strimmer blades are very similar to the blades used in many other brands of bladed grass trimmer and often incompatible. If you require any guidance regarding the inter-compatibility of Gtech strimmer parts, our customer service team are always at your disposal to provide advice.

Safety and Product Care

Because Gtech strimmers are cordless, it is easier to forget that they are potentially dangerous electrical devices. Always ensure your strimmer is switched off before fitting any Gtech strimmer spares to your appliance. It's best to remove the battery pack: this will protect you from both electrical risks and the danger of powering on the trimmer while it is upturned or near your hands. This is particularly important if you have an ST20 because of the extra battery and cutting power of the latest model.

Always take the opportunity to inspect your strimmer for damage while changing the blades. Simply Bearings can locate replacement parts for nearly all strimmers to ensure their safety and performance are maintained.

Clean away any accumulated garden debris from your strimmers, trimmers and mowers after every gardening session, always remembering the safety precautions above.


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