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Gutbrod Strimmer Parts

Gutbrod has long been a recognised name in German engineering - they built Germany's first motorised lawn mower. The company was originally founded in 1932, although the firm is these days owned by the MDT, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of garden maintenance equipment. MDT makes everything from strimmers to tractors. They are extremely proud of their tradition of workmanship, and Gutbrod strimmer parts are no exception to this.

Gutbrod strimmer parts are reliable and safe, but it's always worthwhile considering safety when strimming. Dense weeds such as thistles and nettles can result in a painful eye inflammation if they fly up during a strimming session. Therefore it may be worth taking a look at the safety category in our garden ranges. You'll definitely benefit from eye protection, and if you do a lot of strimming during the spring and summer months, it may worth getting a visor that will allow you to work both safely and comfortably. Similarly, safety gloves will allow you to keep a secure grip on the strimmer while you are working.

Gutbrod strimmer spools and Gutbrod strimmer cutting lines The PP500 grass strimmer spool and line is 1.5mm thick. This thickness of line should be able to cope with most standard garden jobs. In the pack we stock, you get two 4m lines. If you do a lot of strimming, it may be worth ordering some spares - there are good discounts on multiple orders. There's nothing more annoying than setting aside a weekend to get the garden in order and then finding that the strimmer line breaks.

However, at Simply Bearings we have a second-to-none delivery service, so even if you don't have a spare, we can rush a part to you. Our standard delivery is fast and free in the UK. But if you need spare Gutbrod strimmer spools immediately, we can rush one or more to you by guaranteed next-day or even same-day delivery. Just give us a call to arrange this.

Gutbrod strimmer cutting lines and spools are also available for delivery abroad, and our overseas delivery prices are extremely competitive. Arranging delivery is simple - just state the country when you get to the checkout, and the delivery price will be displayed for you. It's all part of the Simply Bearings service - we simply won't be beaten on customer satisfaction and service.


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