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HRC Coupling Assemblies ALL

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HRC Coupling Assemblies ALL

Shafts joined by couplings facilitate the assembly and disassembly of machinery. They also introduce opportunities to install torque limiters, alignment buffering, or to isolate one end from shocks or vibrations in the other. Shaft couplings can also provide a convenient way to temporarily isolate one end of the transmission from the other.

Careful selection of the best coupling improves performance and minimises long-term costs and down-time. This section of our catalogue contains HRC coupling assembly units comprising high-grade 'spider' inserts of rubber or chloroprene between two half coupling flanges, each for connection onto the two joined shafts. Some of our HRC coupling assemblies are machined to attach via tapered locking bushings, while others are pilot bored ready for the machining of your choice. Tapered locking fittings minimise the possibility of play developing due to worn keyways, meaning that they last longer.

Couplings are orientated on their shafts with their toothed jaw flanges lining up. Flanged units of this type offer a convenient means of bringing shafts into alignment before the join between them is permanently secured.

All our coupling components are interchangeable with industry standard sizes and are adaptable to a limited range of shaft diameters via the choice of bushings, which are sold separately. Each half of the coupling can be a different type; for example, outward tapered bushings, inward tapered bushings and other kinds of machining can be mixed and matched according to requirements.

If you are designing new equipment, we suggest you bear in mind that narrower diameter units are more suitable for high rotation speeds, whereas wider units are better for high loads and shock absorption. Accurate alignment is needed to minimise vibrations and pulsing tendencies in transmission assemblies, which is why all HRC coupling assemblies we sell are guaranteed to be precision machined.

The modular construction of these HRC coupling assembly units facilitates their easy assembly or replacement. The natural rubber or chloroprene inserts can be replaced separately, with no lubrication or other maintenance normally required in service.

Other types

Torsionally flexible couplings are often used to tune or dampen dynamic frequencies that arise in drive transmission machineries.

Simply Bearings staff pride themselves on providing the best customer service and are happy to help identify and procure the best solution whatever your intended application. We strive for same day dispatch, with free delivery within the UK and economical options for international or express delivery.


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