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HRC Coupling Flanges

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Help Me Choose a HRC Coupling Flange

Help Me Choose a HRC Coupling Flange

HRC Coupling Flanges

HRC couplings are an ideal choice for applications involving electric motors and rotating shafts. They are straightforward and simple fittings which are easy to align and fit because of the tapered locking bush fixing.

The couplings are usually semi-elastic and will accommodate some degree of misalignment, giving good performance at a low cost. With the Dunlop products, simple straight edge methods can be used to align the couplings because they have fully machined diameters. The shaft connection has been designed to be "fail-safe".

Types of HRC Coupling Flanges

There are three types of HRC coupling flanges - H, F and B - and it's important to select the correct one for your particular application. However, the initials are meant to help - H for Hub insertion, F for Flange insertion and B for Bore flange. In other words:

  • With the H type, you insert the tapered locking bush from the outer, or hub side.
  • With the F type, you insert the tapered locking bush from the inner, flanged side.
  • The B type comes ready supplied with a nominally sized pilot bore flange.

However, you can mix types and have HH, HF, HB and so on.

Buy Tapered Locking Bushes Separately

The coupling flanges have taper bores, ready to be fitted with tapered locking bushes, but you'll need to buy these separately. Be aware that if the listings are for single flanges, these are half couplings. So, for example, with the "F" type, you need two flanges and one insert for a complete coupling assembly.

The B type couplings with pilot bores need machining to meet your specific application requirements.

Excellent Service and Conditions of Sale

If you're buying a bearing or component that you use frequently, look at our generous volume discounts. We'll get your part to you extremely quickly, with free UK delivery. For very urgent jobs we do same-day and next-day deliveries, and we also deliver abroad.

If you realise that you've bought the wrong type of coupling, or the wrong size, you'll find our no-quibble returns policy a great help. You have 90 days to return any stock item for any reason, and as long as it's in its original condition, we'll send you a refund.

However, if you have any uncertainty or want more information about a specific product, you'll find that our telephone staff are keen to help - they also have a fantastic knowledge of the stock.


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