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Hedgetrimmer Parts

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Universal Parts

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Hedgetrimmer Parts

We have everything you need to get your hedges under control, even if the drive belt on your hedge trimmer is broken. We stock replacement drive belts for Atco and Qualcast hedge trimmers along with spark plugs from Universal Parts.

Atco toothed drive belts

The Atco QT043 hedge trimmer drive belt is a high-specification toothed drive belt that is extremely hard-wearing. It can be used with the Atco Hedgecutter 17 and Hedgemaster 19 and is also suitable for a range of lawn mowers and hedge trimmers. It is compatible with the following hedgetrimmer parts: L36974, FOL369 and FO16-L36074.

Qualcast hedgetrimmer parts

For Qualcast hedge trimmers and lawn mowers we have a similar toothed drive belt, also high-specification and hard-wearing. These hedgetrimmer spares can be used with the Qualcast Hedgemaster 380, Hedgemaster 380 plus, Hedgemaster 420, Hedgemaster 430 plus, Hedgemaster 470 and Hedgemaster 480 plus. The belt is also compatible with the following hedgetrimmer spares: FO16-L36974, FOL36974, L36974.

Spark plugs for petrol models

If you have a petrol hedge trimmer, you will need spark plugs; of course, we stock these too!Some manufacturers recommend replacing these yearly. A new spark plug provides clean ignition, which can greatly prolong the life of your hedge trimmer.

The Universal Parts CJ8 spark plug is suitable not only for hedge trimmers but also for other small engines where a 12mm plug is fitted. It is durable and reliable - see the product listing for a compatibility list. The Universal Parts RCJ7Y spark plug is also available; again, compatible types are listed on the product page.

Safety kit

A hedge trimmer is a great tool but also a potential hazard. Don't use petrol or electric hedge trimmers in high winds or rain and wear the right clothing and footwear - make sure you don't have any loose bits of clothing that could get caught in the machine. We stock eye goggles and chainsaw safety gloves, both of which offer great protection.

Take any loose twigs or debris out of the hedge to stop these jamming the hedge trimmer and flying about as you trim. Before you start work, remember to check that children and pets are safely out of the area.

Lastly, make sure you always know where the cable is so that you don't cut through it.

You will enjoy free UK delivery on your order; in addition, if you are a professional who needs to get your hedge trimmer working urgently, we offer same day and next day deliveries - all part of the Simply Bearings service.


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