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Ikra Strimmer Parts

We're here to help you find the Ikra strimmer parts you need, so if you want new Ikra strimmer spools or Ikra cutting lines, you're in the right place.

Strimmers help with a huge variety of garden jobs, but of course like all powered tools they have risks. So when you've ordered your Ikra strimmer parts, why not take a look at our garden accessories range? This has a safety category, with lots of ideas for reducing hazards in the garden. Weeds and brambles or even stalky shrubs and foliage can fly about when you're strimming. So it makes sense to protect your eyes with safety glasses - we also have visors that will protect your face too, in case you disturb any stinging insects.

We have a great range of Ikra strimmer spools and lines. These include:

PP300 Ikra Strimmer Spools (with line)

These are suitable for a wide range of Ikra models - there's a full list on the product page. The line is 1.5mm thick and 7m long.

BQ114 Cutting Lines (on spool)

This spool is suitable for Ikra Prof 450 strimmers. It features two 4m lines, 1.5mm thick.

IK250 Spool and line

Suitable for several models in the RT ranges, this strimmer spool has a 1.5mm line, 6m long.

IK252 Ikra Cutting Lines (on spool)

Suitable for several models, these strimmers and lines compare to the 13007005. The line has a thickness of 1.5mm, and there are two of these, 4m long.

IK300 Strimmer spool and line is 1.5mm thick and comes with two 4m lengths of line. Compares to the 13005001.

PP500 - this is suitable for a range of models and is comparable to the 13001731 and 13001751. Two 4m cutting lines, with a 1.5mm thickness.

FL229 - Compares to the 13005001, 13006012 and 12105492. A 1.5mm thickness, and this pack has two 5m lines.

For tougher strimming jobs - 2mm line

A 1.5mm thickness line will cope with most garden strimming. But if you have denser undergrowth to clear, with brambles and other large weeds, you may need a 2mm line. The Ikra HL001 has two 3m lengths of 2mm line for those tougher jobs. It's comparable to 73103501.

Also with a 2mm thick line and two 3m lengths of line is the Ikra MC101 spool and line.

If you have any queries about these Ikra strimmer parts, please don't hesitate to contact us - at Simply Bearings, we're always happy to help.


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