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Inner Facing Taper Bores F/F Type HRC Coupling Assemblies

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Inner Facing Taper Bores F/F Type HRC Coupling Assemblies

Couplings are used to join the ends of rotating shafts, thus providing a key function in the power transmission process. As they are semi-elastic, they have a certain amount of flexibility in use and can therefore cope with some movement or misalignment in the shafts.

There are three kinds of HRC coupling assemblies: H, F and B type. When the tapered locking bush is put in from the outer, or hub side, it is known as an H or hub type. This coupling assembly, the F type, is assembled with an inner facing taper bore (the F stands for flange) and these couplings have product codes ending in F.

These inner facing taper bores F/F type HRC coupling assemblies are for general purpose applications. The tapered locking bush fixing will provide a quick and easy set-up; however, you need two flanges and an insert for a full coupling. Alternatively, you can buy the inner facing taper bores F/F type HRC coupling assembly units that come ready to fit. You will have to buy the tapered locking bushes separately, as you will need to specify the shaft size you require.

The inserts in these inner facing taper bores F/F type HRC coupling assembly units are made of rubber, so they can absorb shock and vibration while producing less noise. If you need an anti-static and fire-resistant insert, we also carry these and there is a link on the product page.

Maximum bush bores range from 25mm to 75mm - in imperial, from one inch to three inches. There are different part numbers for these components and you may be used to a different number. The drop-down menus at the top of the page show the equivalents with + signs between them. You will also find these in the product descriptions for the individually-sized coupling assemblies.

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