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Jaw Coupling Assemblies

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Jaw Coupling Assemblies

Like other coupling assemblies, jaw coupling assembly units are used to join two shafts with the result that torque is transmitted but small amplitude vibration is dampened. Jaw couplings can accommodate misalignment and shock loads. They have three parts: two metal hubs and an insert (this is an elastomer insert and is widely known as a "spider"). The hubs have jaws which fit into the insert.

The inserts are provided when you buy the jaw coupling assemblies. These will wear over time, so they need to be inspected regularly. Wear can be increased by temperature extremes, over-torque, misalignment and so on. The insets shown here can be used from -40 degrees C to +100 degrees C.

Replacement nitrile rubber jaw coupling inserts are also available on the product pages. Nitrile rubber can resist acids and oils better than natural rubber and is stronger. It may be worth ordering some spares at the same time as the coupling assembly, because ordering larger volumes gives significant cost savings.

These jaw coupling assembly units have a pilot bore. This means that they can be machined to the required size, provided this is within the maximum permitted bore for the coupling. The jaw coupling assemblies have bore sizes of between 8mm and 60mm. However, if you need a different size, we can help.

We Can Arrange Specific Pilot Bore Machining

In nearly all cases, we can arrange for pilot bore type couplings to be machined to your particular size requirements. To discuss what you need and obtain prices, contact the sales support either on the phone or online

Fast, Free Delivery

We have free UK delivery on almost everything in stock, and our deliveries are both fast and reliable. However, sometimes you need a guarantee that your order will be there the next day, and you can arrange this. When it's even more urgent than that, we can arrange special same-day delivery - give us a call to let us know you need this, and we'll set it up for you.

Great Rates on International Delivery

If you need a part to be sent overseas, we also provide low-cost international delivery. The shopping cart calculates the cost for the country you specify, so just add items to the cart, then select the country and the cost will be shown on your order.

It's all part of the Simply Bearings service - we strive constantly to provide the best prices, product range and service available anywhere.


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