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Kinzo Strimmer Parts

The Kinzo brand originates in Japan, where it is a venerable company with many decades of experience. Throughout the Far East, Kinzo products have long held an excellent reputation for quality and durability. Its original products seem to have been cutting blades and sharpening tools, with the oldest examples considered collectable.

Today, most Kinzo products are manufactured in China - mostly in the Xiamen region, where Kinzo set up in 1994. Although in the UK the Kinzo brand is often marketed through 'budget' outlets, the designs and manufacturing equipment still come from Japan and the build quality of the products remains excellent.

It was a logical step for the company to go from cutting tools to grass cutting equipment. It now produces all kinds of gardening, farming and engineering products; however, these are better known in the Americas than in Europe.

Kinzo strimmer parts

Kinzo strimmer parts are cost-effective replacements suitable for many strimmer models in addition to those that carry the Kinzo brand. If you would like advice about whether our Kinzo strimmer parts are suitable for your particular strimmer, our customer service line will connect you with an expert who will be happy to advise you. In addition to Kinzo cutting lines and Kinzo strimmer spools, we can locate compatible head assemblies, spool covers and retaining bolts for all related models.

Kinzo strimmer spools and Kinzo cutting lines

As in all strimmer models that use a flexible flail, the cutting line is intended to wear down with use. To ensure you always have the correct length of line, spare line resides within a spool and extends to replace that which has worn away. The mechanism by which this is done varies from model to model but is often automatic - until the spool is exhausted.

You can then choose whether to replace the spool or try to reload it with new line. As threading new line can be a fiddly endeavour - and replacement Kinzo strimmer spools are cheap - most people choose to buy spare ready-loaded spools.

Fitting Kinzo strimmer spools

This may sound obvious but is frequently neglected - isolate your strimmer from the power supply before venturing near the cutting mechanism.

Replacing strimmer spools is very straightforward. The method by which they are held in place varies from model to model, but often there is a simple plastic retaining clip. Others are twist and release or secured with a simple screw.

While replacing the spool, always take the opportunity to check that your strimmer is in perfect condition - this means without cracks, missing clips or bolts, and free of any accumulations of garden debris. Keeping the underside of your strimmer spotlessly clean will help it to function better, with fewer lost lines or momentary losses of power.


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