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L Section Poly V Belts

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L Section Poly V Belts

Engineers often have to design applications where space is tight but high power transmission is a requirement. Ribbed Poly V-belts can provide the answer. The ribs ensure that there is a bigger contact area than the one provided by a flat belt or a standard V-belt. One Poly V-belt can be used to drive several accessories via a serpentine belt arrangement.

These belts are available in a range of section types - J, K, L and M. The L section Poly V belts shown here consist of one endless belt which has six ribs. These fit precisely into the corresponding grooves on the pulley, enabling a very strong grip and traction to be achieved compared to other V-belts and ordinary flat belts.

Trouble-Free Operation

The belts are constructed as single units with an uninterrupted tension member which is fully supported. Their operation is free of the problems of multiple belts interfering with each other, or slipping, turnover and grabbing, which you get when using more than one belt. The drive load is equally distributed across the width of the sheave.

These belts are suitable for use with smaller pulleys than standard V-belts and can deliver a speed ratio of 40:1. They don't need deep grooves or guides to help them track properly; flanges or crowns are not necessary either. Because the belts discourage seating in the grooves, it's possible to achieve a more uniform output speed and more consistent speed ratios.

The belts conduct static and resist ozone, heat, oil and abrasion. They use less energy than other belts and are also quieter in operation.


The L section has a pitch of 4.7mm between the ribs. That's the distance from the base of one tooth to the base of the next. You can calculate an approximate belt width by multiplying the number of ribs by 4.7. Lengths are usually from 655mm to 6096mm, equivalent to an imperial range of 25.7" to 240".

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